The Nadia Reisenberg & Clara Rockmore Foundation

Heartiest thanks for a beautiful performance of my Polish Fantasy.
– I.J. Paderewski, 1922

I'll never forget the cycle of concertos which revealed for me lots of Mozart beauty that I keep in my heart with much gratefulness...
– Arthur Rubinstein, 1979

Newsletter - September 2016

If this were a confessional, I'd have to admit that it's been half a year since my last newsletter, which celebrated Clara's March 9th birthday and the Google Doodle that marked the occasion in such high style. No excuses, really, just terminal laziness combined with work on other projects. About which, please read on...

The most exciting news, perhaps, is the imminent release of a 2 CD set of never-before available Nadia Reisenberg performances. These range from solo pieces (including a haunting Glazunov Waltz and Liszt's dazzling "Spanish Rhapsody") to a Weber Duo with the famed clarinet David Glazer, plus Mozart and Beethoven Trios with Glazer and the equally eminent cellist David Soyer. Climbing further up the chamber ladder, there's the Beethoven Piano Quartet and the Dvorak Quintet with members of the legendary Budapest and Galimir String Quartets. The notes include photos and mementos of Nadia, Felix Galimir and the Davids Glazer and Soyer from colleagues and family. The album, released by Roméo Records, should be out within the month (or maybe two - you know all about those best laid plans).

Meanwhile, further reviewing raves continue to come forth from the earlier Roméo release of Paul Doktor and Nadia Reisenberg's performances of viola and piano sonatas of Brahms, Hindemith and Karl Weigl.


Founded in 2004, the Nadia Reisenberg/Clara Rockmore Foundation was created to honor the achievements and enhance the legacies of these two extraordinary sisters, the eminent pianist and teacher Nadia Reisenberg, and Clara Rockmore, unquestionably the world's greatest virtuoso of the theremin. MORE >>>


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Clara Rockmore

She played so beautifully the violin then as she plays the theremin now...I wish she could teach all the young musicians who are learning to make music, because they should learn from her what it means to play a phrase from the heart...Like Nadia, Clara is fantastic.
– Alexander Schneider, 1989